western store


Original clothing Texas and Indian, jeans, boots, shirts, accessories, hats, buckles, Indian jewelry.

All this to get or make a gift unique and unavailable elsewhere.

Hat, jeans and boots here is the basic clothing for all cowboys! But certainly it does not end here …

Have you an idea of the number of items from apparel to accessories, which are available for a cowboy or a cowgirl “budding” or experienced?
If the answer is no, you just have to visit the Western Store of Cowboys Guest Ranch, the SHOP of the old continent more equipped leaders d ‘”country fashion clothing”, materials and equipment for the horse, objects “cowboy” and articles of Indian manufacturing, every news directly imported from the U.S.A.
Our experienced sales staff will drive you to the knowledge of our Store suggesting the best solution for every purchase..! Discover with pleasure as your imagination can indulge relentlessly …. match a “checkered” shirt Montana or a striped shirt-fantasy of Texas with a Wrangler jeans “Pro-Rodeo” and a Justin boot.

Western Store, the best idea for an unique style.

During VOGHERA COUNTRY FESTIVAL in Western Store you can find the original gadgets of the Festival, while the adjacent entrance and to the hotel could become your showcase for your images in the photo contest theme.