Country Power Station was born from an idea as much simple as it is brilliant …

It was 2005 and the country world in Italy was already very active but it was still something “unknown” to the most. There weren’t the major festivals like that in Voghera (Voghera Country Festival), in Valsassina (Valsassina Country Fest), Rome (Colosseum Country Festival) or in Pordenone (Country Christmas). They would come just a few years later.

Country music could be listened only in the evening events thanks to the various DJs on the national territory, or by connecting to various US radio stations on the web. To find country music CD in Italy was almost impossible.

It was 2005, we was telling, and one evening Carlo Riccardi (Cowboys’Guest Ranch owners) and Dj Mitch (Country Music Network President ) were making some chat just about that. Suddenly a brilliant idea, “if there are so many web American radio broadcasting country music and having a great success, why we don’t try to create the same in Italy?”

Easily done … slowly the idea takes shape.

Cristiano Berti gets involved in the project for his ability in the web environment as well as his knowledge of country music!!! These guys have the merit of being the firsts to have believed that a Country Music web radio could exist in Italy. Country Power Station is the first Italian Web Country Radio broadcasting country music all day long – all the week and was officially founded in 2006 !!!At the beginning Country Power Station broadcasts only music, an endless succession of big hits of country music, historical songs and news just come out in the US market. The first “talk” transmission come out a couple of years later: at the same time of the 1st edition of Voghera Country Festival.The Festival is held every year at the Cowboys’ Guest Ranch which is also the Country Power Station headquarters and is the first festival to take the honor and the burden to bring to Italy the “authentic” country singers from the United States to perform on an Italian stage.

In order to promote this festival and to spread more and more country music in Italy, Country Power Station and Voghera Country Festival join forces; hence, Dj Mitch has produced the program “Artist of the Week” in collaboration with Alice Falla. Every week an artist is presented during the program: his history, anecdotes, his music … the transmission is conducted in Italian by Dj Mitch and English by Alice. By the time other programs such as “Country Request” and other collaborators like Kevin and Layla Huffstetler Forgiarini are added to the show schedule.

Unfortunately, as often it happens in life, during last years some personal commitments and vicissitudes bring the radio to take “one step back. Live recording and talk show were dismissed and the radio is returned to broadcast only music until 2012 … the year of the great turning point!

It is precisely in 2012 that was released a web radio a bit ‘”pirate”: Radio Mansarda conducted by Dj Alfredo AKA “Il Giostraio”. His transmission offers not only excellent country music, but above all the possibility to make requests on line and to do comments; all thanks to the social network Facebook. It is a great success, although limited by the number of accesses that the server grants for Listening.

The demonstration that the great successes come from teamwork is what happened later: Dj Eli (now one of Country Power Station anchorwoman) proposed to Alfredo to talk with Carlo and Mitch in order to blend the two web radio. The project goes ahead and Radio Mansarda becomes the transmission leader of the new show schedule of Country Power Station also attracting the curiosity and attention of other DJs and fans

Alfredo takes the task to organize the show schedule, and thanks to a great job today the Radio has many programs that cover country music to 360 °. In 2014 it Become a ACTL, he added in the schedule new transmissions and commercial spot of companies who believe in our project.

But that’s is not all!. Big projects are in full swing… stay tuned and support your favorite country radio web!!! Obviously on www.countrypowerstation.net

Chi siamo:

Who we are:

Carlo Riccardi – President and Founder

Elisabetta Bozzi – Vice President

Giovanni Citarda – Marketing Department & Public Relation

Alfredo Calabro – Technical Direction

Stefano Frapolli – Art Director


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Country Power Station is the Official Radio of Voghera Country Festival and transmits from the control room staged in Palatexas with our DJs and guests present at the event during the duration of the festival.