A real SALOON like what you saw in old movies of COWBOYS, complete with a pushing door and a prison.
And is also the typically Western forniture that helps to set free the passions and desire to be together; in short, a great local to feel free and peacefully express their personality.
Memorable evenings with good music, performed live, Jam Session to live music live, fantastic cocktails and original snacks washed down by good beer on tap, always fresh and bubbly as goers of the SALOON.
And remember our special “HALL JAIL” is available on request for “EVENINGS PRIVEE” or “SPECIAL PARTY.”
During VOGHERA COUNTRY FESTIVAL Saloon becomes a large “Open Stage” which will offer live music almost continuously offering musicians the chance to perform in front of an audience of passionate listeners. Music, cold beer, cocktails … comfortably seated at your table or at the bar while relaxing !!!