JENNIFER LAUREN of Diamonds and Whiskey & HALF BLOOD

JENNIFER LAUREN of Diamonds and Whiskey & HALF BLOOD

giugno 25, 2022 Voghera, PV (Italia)


Ora : 13:00
Luogo : Cowboys' Guest Ranch
Indirizzo : Via T.Morato 18
Provincia : PV
Cap : 27058
Telefono : +39 0383 364631
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Where the Louisiana swamps meet the hills of North Carolina, a truly unique sound emerges…

A combination of backwoods danger, beauty queen and hell raiser alike…. The award-winning country/rock artist from North Carolina brings it all to the table…. Souring vocals, stellar musicianship, abundant energy and crowd resonance.


Founding member, Jennifer Lauren, leads the way with strength and soul in her voice, delivering her songwriting prowess with hard driven guitars, powerful solos, and intoxicating storytelling. Jennifer says “My songs come from real life. They come directly from my soul, inspired by things I’ve lived through. I think that’s what makes them resonate with people because others share the feelings and emotions I write about”.


Diamonds and Whiskey’s album “Heartbreak Queen”, produced by award-winning Dale Penner (Nickelback), is making big strides across the globe, receiving airplay in Europe, Italy, New Zealand, Australia, Scandinavia, Canada and the United States. Media outlets give rave reviews, even calling it “the best rocking country album of the year” by Nashville Music Guide. “Hands Down” garnered the 2019 Carolina Country Music Awards Single of the Year honor and debuted at #11 on VRadio Nashville, while “Muddy Water”, reached #1 on the Euro ACM chart, along with “Sugarstick”, “Keep On Keepin’ On”, “Walk Hard” and “Back Country Voodoo”. Diamonds and Whiskey also received the award for Best Country Band at the Carolina Music Awards in 2019 and recently the award for Best New Emerging Artist at the 2021 Carolina Country Music Awards.


Their latest single “Walk Hard” has topped several US, Canadian, and European charts. The band is projecting release of the second album, titled “Blonde Ambition” by the Spring of 2022.


“…the fiery tune conjures up impassioned rage and resentment. A rollicking bass-driven bridge bolstered by electric guitar riffs keeps the momentum hurdling ahead into a combustible conclusion. The raw power of the song, reflected in the sheer volume of sonic elements at play, establishes Diamonds and Whiskey as a force to be reckoned with.”


“’Walk Hard’ has a sound that falls somewhere between Carrie Underwood and AC/DC- swampy, gritty, and red-hot. A classic song about a cheater, the single has a devastatingly honest perspective. Passionate, powerful, raspy lead vocals with a rock timbre, rich and heavy guitar, and a bright banjo work together to create a bayou-seasoned “Before He Cheats”-esque anthem.”

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